Friday, July 25, 2008

First meeting

Today is the first day to be a called a formal meeting. The meeting started at 10 am and finished at Almost all of the 4 group members were there. My team: Handy, I and Budi come a bit late because we didn’t know the venue. But luckily they haven’t started the meeting.
At the meeting, what we discussed was almost all about the hardware aspect of the robot: about the board, microcontroller, motors, sensors, etc.

A lot of ideas came in during the meeting. Pro and contra of each group happened. One of them is about the board to be used. Some of us prefer to use PCB while our group prefers strip board.
A lot of questions could not be answered either as almost all of us still haven’t had any idea due to the fist meeting.

Actually we had been given a task by our team leader Handy before the meeting. He was in charge in the physical of the robot, I was in charge of the algorithm and programming and Budi was in charge in the sensors operation. At first I thought that this job was more then enough for the starting point of view; but after the meeting I realized that actually we still have a lot of works to do…