Friday, August 22, 2008

First PCB design

This week we were getting part of the component. We also have finalized our base body of the robot; therefore it was the time to build the PCB. I am the person in charge of building it. At first when I am building the PCB, I am thinking of using only one decker because the entire component can fit. But after some consideration about the compactness of the PCB, we are changing our mind.
At this time we are building the microprocessor component separate from other circuit. It will become a double decker PCB with top part of PIC since we may need to plug in and out frequently. The other part of the circuit will be built on the bottom PCB. This PCB couldn’t be finalized yet since we are still not sure about the other component we will get. We are planning to use the SHARP IR sensor that will come with its own circuit.It is better to design the PCB after all of the components have been finalized therefore the changes of the PCB structure does not need to be done so frequently.

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